Jacques CALLOT - Important recueil in-folio veau moucheté XVIIIe

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Jacques CALLOT - Important recueil in-folio veau moucheté XVIIIe
Jacques CALLOT (1592-1635) Important collection in-folio 18th-century speckled calf, 7-rib spine, fleuron-embellished pediment, red morocco title page, red edges, Riverieulx de Chambost bookplate no. 3000 (upper headband damaged). COMPRISING AN EXCEPTIONAL COLLECTION OF ENGRAVINGS by Jacques CALLOT etchings, single subjects or series (most complete), cut and pasted, in good condition (a few defects will be announced in the description written in the order of the pages). order), with bibliographical reference to J. Lieure's catalog. p.2 - Portrait of Jacques Callot after A. VAN DYCK, engraved by L.Vosterman. Etching cut subject, slightly trimmed, small spots 23 x 17cm. (Hollstein 139) Portrait of Jacques Callot by Michel LASNE. Etching and burin, trimmed about 5 mm. 15,5 x 10.5cm (A.Firmin-Didot 1076) p.3 - Two portraits of Jacques Callot, one edited by Moncornet the other by A.Bosse, cut to the subject subject, slightly missing. p.4 to 29 - Les Images des saints: title, frontispiece (cut to subject) and complete set of plates (originally originally 122 plates, each with 4 subjects) including Images des fêtes mobiles. Here, the engravings are in the order of the months, each cut to the subject and glued, without the shelf underneath, Images des Fêtes mobiles with tablet and text underneath (3 with tablet, before text). Very fine proofs with Israel excudit. A few stains, some a little yellowed. (Binding 807 to 1283, 1284 to 1295 III/VI) 6,4 x 5cm. 9,4 x 5cm. p.31 - The Life of the Blessed Virgin. Complete set of 14 plates cut at the subject and at the edge of the text at the bottom, trimmed a few millimeters, glued. (L. 1357 to 1370) ch.approx. 6,9 x 4,3cm. p.32 - The Little Apostles or the Martyrdom of the Apostles. Complete set of 16 plates cut to the subject subject or under the shelf at the bottom, trimmed a few millimeters, glued lightly stained. (L.1386III/III, 1387 to 1401 III/IV). ch. approx. 7 x 4,3cm. p.33,34 - The Great Standing Apostles. Complete set of 16 plates including title, with excudit d'Israël, cut just before the copperplate mark and glued, slight stains (L. 1297 to 1312). ch. approx. 14.4 x 9.3cm. p.35 - The New Testament. Frontispiece engraved by A.Bosse after Callot's death and series of 10 plates. plates - St John preaching in the desert. 5 plates with the excudit of Israel , 5 others with white tablet cut above the line with excudit and privilege. St. John preaching, cut subject. Glued. (Binding 1418 to 1427, 1415). 6.7 x 8.2cm. 6,8 x 9cm - St. John in the island of Pathmos (L.567) cut from the subject and glued. p.36 to 38 - La Grande Passion: series of 7 plates, trimmed a few millimeters (L.281 I/IV, 282 I/III, 283 I/II, 284 I or II/IV, 285 I or II/III, 286 II/III, 287I/II) approx. 11 x 21.8cm - The great Ecce Homo. (L.77 II/V) cut at the subject and trimmed by a few millimeters, with small misses at the bottom of the letter and tiny misses in the subject, pinched fold. 31.5 x 24cm. Glued p.39 - La Petite Passion: series of 12 plates. Slightly yellowed, one is stained with the corners cropped approx.2mm (L. 537 I/III, 538 to 548 before figures I/II) ch.approx. 7.5 x 5.7cm p. 40 - The Mysteries of the Passion. Series of small engravings in ovals and circles printed on 3 boards, a little faded, one subject missing, some missing top edge, leaves cut and glued. (L. 679 to 698) p.41 - The Infant Jesus (L.291, II/II) - The Seven Deadly Sins. (L.354 II/IV, 355 to 360 I/II before the a little yellowing 7.5 x 5.7cm. - The Sacrifices: series of 3 plates - The martyre de Saint Laurent (L.570, 571, 572, 574) - Les Quatre Banquets, slightly yellowed and faded before the numbers (L. 295 to 298) 7.7 x 5.7cm. glued p.42 - The Passage of the Red Sea, cut on the subject, tablet missing at bottom, small hole in lower right corner. (L.665 appears V/VI) 11.7 x 23.5cm. p.43 - The Life of the Prodigal Son. Series of 11 plates including frontispiece, without margins with a few stains. (L. 1404 II/II, 1405 to 1414 II/III) approx. 6.1 x 8.1cm p. 45 - Le Benedicite ou la Sainte Famille à table. Without margin and pasted, with a copy. (L.595 III/IV)19 x 16,8cm. p.47 - Saint Mansuy - Saint Amond (L.378 cut to subject, without text below VII/IX, 406 IV/Vcut to subject without tablet below). 20.6 x 27.3cm. 19.6 x 28.2 cm. p.48 - Massacre des Innocents, 1st and 2nd plates cut to the oval without the rest of the sheet (L.278 II/II, 427 II/II) 13.7 x 10.2cm. 13 x 10cm. - Four plates of Penitents, yellowed, cut and glued. (L.1315, 1316, 1318, 1319) p.49 - Les Martyres du Japon without margins, pasted (L.594 I/II) 16.7 x 11.2cm. - Pandora: copy in after J.Callot (after L.568) p.50 - Martyrdom of St. Sebastian (
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